Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2003; 1: 0.
Study on Ways to Improve Cosmetologist's License System in Korea
Han-woong Lee
This study analyzed problems with the current cosmetologist's licensing system in Korea. Based on the study's results, I suggest ways to improve the system as follows: First, a person who issues cosmetologist's licenses should be the Minister of Health and Welfare. Second, the system should be changed to a unified system under which all would-be cosmetologists obtain licenses through a licensing exam. Third, the “licensing without an exam” clause should be abolished. Four, the cosmetologist's license exams should be administered by the Minister of Health and Welfare who deals with hairdressing affairs. Fifth, application qualifications for cosmetologist's license exams should be limited to those who completed a certain level of education. That is because hairdressing needs requires specialized techniques. Under the current situation where Korea's hairdressing is now as advanced as that of developed countries, the above mentioned proposals should be reflected in the legislation policy as ways to enhance public confidence in the cosmetologist's license and to improve the efficiency of the licensing system.