Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 219-227.
A Study on the Oxidized Hair Dye Using and Safety Recognition
Nam-Hee Kim
This study examined the hair dying operators who work at beauty salons in Seoul and the metropolitan area, Korea and the use of oxidized hair dye agents with its safety. Regarding the patch test, around 16% of the respondents actually performed the patch test before hair dyeing and 67% of respondents recognized the necessity of patch test before hair dyeing. This results shows that there are great gap between the recognition on the necessity of patch test and actual status of performances for patch test at the working sites. For the prevention of side effects of hair dyeing, 60.7% of the respondents replied that the systematic and sufficient education would be necessary with the professional education program and it would be necessary not only for beauty but also the prevention of side effects of hair dying.
Keywords : Oxidized Hair Dying, Safety Recognation