Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 205-212.
The Study on Female College Student's Actual Using Pattern of Beauty Salon and Their Satisfaction
Woon-Hyun Lee, and Ok-Soon Lim
The present study is to examine female college student's actual using pattern of beauty salon and their satisfaction. This will be very helpful to improve the quality of service on the beauty salon. And a lack of customer unity precludes a single marketing strategy; instead, beauty salon must employ a variety of approaches to appeal the customer in different market. Actual using pattern and satisfaction about beauty salon were measured by self-administered questionnaires which were developed on the basis of previous studies. Liker scales were used for most measures with 1=never or very important and 5=always or very important. The samples consisted of 107 female students. Data were analyzed by frequency, percent and χ2. The results are as follows. In the case of actual using pattern of beauty salon, the differences between the first grade and the second grade are few, however, the freshman's satisfaction on beauty salon is different from the second grade about these factors 'showing price statement', 'hair dresser's smile' and 'creating new trend'.
Keywords : Satisfaction, Beauty Salon, Price, Smile, New Trend