Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 197-204.
A Comparative Study of Skin Clinic Experiment and Feeling State before and after Using Nano-Cold steam Skin Care Machine
Gi-Yeon Kim, Eun-Ja Kim, Jeong-A Yeon, and Young-Eun Park
This study sampled 115 adults aged over 18 years residing in Choongcheon area, made 그experimental subjects 98 except for data poor 17, conducted from Nov. 2006 to Apt., 2007. This study reached following results. First, it was found that applying direct spraying and indirect spraying effected definite lowering of the body temperature of the skin. Second, it was found that in measuring the moist volume of the right face with direct spraying applied, all parts increased in moist amount, which was very significant. And in the left face with indirect steam spraying applied, it was significant. Third, the questions items of feeling state questionnaire before cold steam spraying and after cold steam spraying were compared. 58 of the total 65 items showed a very significant effect, and only 5 items of 'getting inattentive', 'being tired', 'being forgettable', 'not easy', 'being exhausted' showed not statistic difference. In terms of the above clinic experimental research, the nano cold steam machinery and its applied product reaction are found to enhance the body temperature and moist index of the skin. And the comparative result of the items for feeling state questionnaire before and after cold steam spraying showed a very high significance of feeling better in almost all question items.
Keywords : Nano-Cold Skin Care Nachine, Feelong State