Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 149-158.
A Study on Health Promoting Behavior and Skin Health Care of High School Students
Hyang-Sook Kim, and Jung-Sook Oh
This study is based on 600 high school students in Seoul and its suburbs. The collected data is analyzed by the SPSS Package program. This study assumes skin care as a part of a health care. The summarized result above is as follows. First, the subjective group is classified in gender and age 51.7% male, 48.3% female student. Second, most of the male students (3.68) think personal hygiene is the most important factor in health care. Third, most of the female students (3.74) think health responsibility is the most important factor in skin care. Forth, there is relativity between skin and health care. If the group take more concern in health care, they would take more concern in skin care.
Keywords : Health Promoting Behavior, Hygiene