Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 143-148.
The Characters of Futurism Make up by Observation of 21's Century Fashion (centered on 2000 to 2004 collections)
Mi Jung Kim, Yun-Kyong Won, and Mi Hyun Kim
A makeup world has come along with the fashion area although it is largely used in lots of other areas. A fashion is one of the art representing the sense of value or the concept of beauty in a certain era. As the concept of total fashion is widely spread, a makeup is considered more important to the fashion. As a result, there are various trials in the combination of makeup and fashion. The image of futurism in fashion area has been represented in some experimental factors using high-tech. materials such as vinyls, plastics, aluminum, or fluorescent substance in the effect of minimalism and modernism. The futurism of makeup is characterized by new materials, an achromatic or very pure fundamental colors, abstract or geometrical pattern beside cyber-technological image and becomes very unique ones leading a trend or shows strong experimental aspects ignoring a popularity. People use achromatic or fundamental colors, and a futuristic cold-feeling pearl or glitter for strong or metallic finishing. Therefore the futuristic images and makeup methods in this century make a makeup one of the factors of total fashion. These methods try to make clean, natural, and glossy skin clearly showing its finishing. Color makeup uses the achromatic colors and very strong primary colors featuring futuristic high-tech. images ignoring the shape of the eyebrows or faces. It also uses cold tones of fighters or technology and some experimental ways of expression. Our expectation for the future will highly drive us a continuous study of new ways and methods. In this trend of future development, we also need to analyze new trends and investigate new methods and materials for the makeup world.
Keywords : Furturism, Clean, Glossy