Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2007; 5(2): 131-141.
An Analysis of the Relation between Artificial Lighting and Makeup for Portrait Photos - centering on Koreans -
Dong-Sook Tae, Mi-Hyun Kim, and In-Ryeo Choi
The way of lighting up to now has brought unexpected results due to applying western technologies to Korean as they are. It can be said Koreans have rounded and flat faces and undefined features in comparison with western people. In order to give flat faces of Koreans three-dimensional effects and to express more beautiful, lighting suitable for Koreans should be selected. It is true that lighting is one of the important factors for the best portrait photos; however, makeup is also one of the principal factors to show the figures in those photos, that is, the models most beautifully and individually. Generally, we give attention to the fact that light and lighting affect on photo and image effects importantly, but lose sight of the relation between makeup and lighting for figures in photos and images actually. To take good portrait photos, we need to understand characteristics of makeup and lighting suitable for shapes of Korean faces. With regard to the method of study for taking portrait photos, I performed the research on the characteristics of Korean features on the basis of various relevant books and preceded master’s and doctoral theses, the study of the classification of face shapes, the grasp of ideal faces shapes, the research on the characteristics and kinds of lighting, the classification of makeup for Koreans by each faces shape and the application to models directly, and the analysis of the relation with lighting. As the result of the above study, the makeup with vivid line by giving cubic effects is effective for Korean women’s portrait photos. The lighting is effective when raising the position of the main lighting to make it downward. It has better results to take photos downward after bowing model’s body and face forward and raising the camera slightly. The ratio of the main to auxiliary lighting is 1:4 to make the shadowed part slightly darker by using the Short Lighting Method. Finally, the study results that the lighting method suitable for Koreans is to use the Rembrandt Lighting Method, which is inclining the main lighting 45 degrees toward a model.
Keywords : Artificial Lighting, Portrait Photos, Make up