Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2004; 2: 0.
A Study on Body Cathexis and Appearance Concern Level of Cosmetology college students
Han-Woong Lee
This research, reviewing the cosmetic specialty’s body cathexis level, make‐up activity and Appearance Concern level, researching and analyzing systematically the differences among Makeup, Facial Treatment and Hair Treatment as each courses, has described by for the purpose of studying of that how the specialist’s subjective conscious influences to client and what the profession conscious they have to get into their mind as people treat the beauty, reforming its educational curriculum by each specialties. As the result of research, each specialty’s body cathexis is being shown its satisfaction at on face, the upper part of the bodies, the lower part of the bodies gradually. Particularly the satisfaction level of waist, abdomen and hips, etc which part are related in fatness show lower level than other part. An appearance concern level shows more interest with the students in the course of hair treatment than facial treatment and make‐up majored. Furthermore, as the result of appearance concern level and body cathexis level research, the students in the courses of hair treatment show higher interest on appearance concern as getting higher satisfaction as body cathexis level. Nothing phenomenon shows on the students in the course of facial treatment and make‐up in this factor.
Keywords : Body cathexis, Appearance concern