Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2004; 2: 0.
A STUDY ON OPERA STAGE MAKE-UP DESIGN With a focus on Mozart's Magic Flute
Gi-Yeon Kim, and Se-Ja Ryu
In this treatise this author studies with focus on facial make up among various genre of stage make up which can be observed in opera performance. Among stage performance opera is the most colorful and largest in scale. Colorful stage costumes and lighting, large number of performers and spectators, stage with some distance from seats for guests etc. are characteristics features of opera stage performance and in step with such elements opera make up should be expressed in colorful way with thick and strong lines. In particular selection of make up product should be very careful so that make-up would not easily removed due to temperature of stage lighting, sweat of actors or actresses or their sebum. Most powerful means for deciding character in drama is make up and it is major tool for visual expression which can reveal inner nature and roles in drama of an actor or actress not to mention its simple function for making distinction based on sex, age and social status of primary concept therefore its scope of responsibility should be extended. For this reason this author wishes to see development of stage make up one step forward through the make-up designer's effort to learn variety of knowledge on stage art and through their planned work process and creative as well as analytic endeavor and continuous learning process.