Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 307-314.
HPLC Anlysis Of Kaoliang Color And Research Of Skin Safety
Ju-Sub Kim, and Tae-Boo Choe
This study is to know what kind of pigments there are in Kaoliang color seen as marroon which are involved in natural color through HPLC anlysis and to assure if Kaoliang color is right for manufacturing hair cosmetics through clinical demonstration for skin safety. As the result from analyzing the Kaoliang color along with standard substance through HPLC, apigenin of standard substance did coincide with RT at 46, 176 min and in the wavelength range of 250~340nm, it showed similar wavelength of absorption to the biggest content, 3.3% of 46,176 min. It speak was judged as apigenin. Through clinical demonstration for skin safety that had 20 subjects, it proved that there was negative response on sensory judgment and skin reaction. So the safety as material of natural cosmetics was verified.
Keywords : Kaoliang color, HPLC, Hair dye, Nature, Safety.