Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 101-109.
Effects of Lead Exposure on Bioaccumulation in Skin, Blood, and Major Organs of BALB/C mice
Min-Ji Kim, Min-Jung Kim, Hyun-ji Kim, Young-Hee Kim, and Ki-sok Kim
Lead can be found in paint, ceramics, mascara and perm coloring agent in dailylife, which can be transferred into the human body. It was reported that absorbed lead is accumulated in spleen and skin as well as kidney, liver, and bone and will be a causal agent of various symptoms. The purpose of this study is to identify the change of metals distribution in the skin when exposed to lead and the changes of the lead distribution in the major organs, including back skin, ear skin,blood, liver,kidney,and spleen using ICP-MS aftertreatmentof0,1,10mg/kg oflead toBALB/C male mice for 4days. As a result,l ead contents in the back skin of the mouse exposed in Pb 1mg/kg and Pb 10mg/kg decreased by the 35% and increased by the 34.6%, respectively, compared with control. In the ear skin, mouse treated with Pb 1mg/kg and Pb 10mg/kg of lead increased by the 1.53 times and decreased by the 3.82 times of normal lead level, respectively.
Keywords : Lead exposure, Skin, Cosmetics, ICP-MS, Distribution