Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 423-432.
Analys is of satisfaction on curriculum of beauty-high school -Focused on B school of Incheon.
Nam-Yeoun Kim, Chang-Suk Kim, Mi-Hyun Kim, and Mi-Hyea Leem
The beauty high school is recognized with an important center of the manpower supply and actively operated as a beauty industry develops as a high-value added one. For this, an investigation on the satisfaction with a curriculum was conducted among 263 senior students in an beauty high school to know how well they were satisfied with their major and the teaching contents and the results are as followed. The beauty high school students mostly have chosen the hair field, and then skincare, make-up and lastly nail care, etc as a detailed majors. They were not affected by understanding the vision of beauty-industry while they were choosing their own detailed major. The students were very satisfied with the level of curriculum butt hey were not as satisfied as the curriculum level with on-the-job-training when asked the satisfaction of curriculum. They wanted improvement on a training environment when asked about a course management. Therefore we need a development and complement of curriculum about field adaptation ability. The satisfaction of curriculum was higher in the students who considered an attitude for beauty care and employment and then entered the school with their own decision than the ones who entered the school because of a middle school grade. Therefore it was shown that the students needed to receive an academic aptitude test and a carrier education to increase the satisfaction of curriculum. The researchers here tried to provide a basic data to seek for the educational direction and educational policy of beauty high school which is an important educational organization and turns out beauty industry'stalents. Detailed analysis of curriculum for beauty care high school will be necessary later.
Keywords : Beauty high school, Satisfaction on curriculum, Field adaptation ability, Academic aptitude test, Carrier education