Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 433-448.
A Study on the Establishment System of Beauty Salon
Han-Woong Lee
In Korea, several establishment systems such as permit system, report system, and notification system were applied. After many changes, the current Public Health Control Act adopted the principle of report. Only licensed cosmetologists have the right to establish beauty salons. A license issued pursuant to Public Health Control Act shall authorize the operation of the establishment only at the location for which the certificate of completion of report is issued. Operation of the establishment at any other location shall be unlawful. Some argue that this provision is an entry barrier. Those infavor of the abolition of this provision demand that the law would be fixed so that any individual with out the cosmetology license will be able to open a beauty salon. However, in Korea, the number of beauty salons is oversupplied, and the owners of the beauty salons are usually small-scale businessmen. Therefore, instead of canceling the entry barrier altogether, we should promote the law should change the policy to protect the owners. This is the reason why we should maintain the regulation. The purposes of this essay are to argue the validity of the current regulation based on the needs of the times and provide the problems with the legislation policy about the cosmetology establishment systems and the reform measures.
Keywords : Establishment system, Permit system, Report system, Notification system, Public Health Control Act