Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 199-206.
A Study on effect on Skin Whitening Action in Taraxacum platycarpum fractions
Jeong-Ran Kang, and Sun-Mi Yoo
The study investigated the whitening activity after the demarcation of the respective compartments with the extraction of 80% MeOH extracts, hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, butanol, and water from the wild Taraxacum platycarpum across ournation. Regarding 80% extracts and fractions of theTaraxacum platycarpum, from the results of the experiment about the impediment effect of the tyrosinase by activity control of DOPA oxidase, it turns out that the arbutinusing the positive control made about 37% activity restraint, and the activity of the ethyl acetate fractions from the Taraxacum platycarpum fractions is about 22%, showing the superiority among other fractions although it is weaker than the albutin. From the measure of the survival rate for cells in the ethyl acetate fractions of the Taraxacum platycarpum, it is observed that there is a tiny amount of toxicity by showing the 77% survival rate compared with that of 100% after no treatment in the highest density 10mg/ml regarding the density-based survival rate of cells. To observe the impediment effect in the level of the inside cells, from the results about the impediment effect in melanin biosynthesis inside the cell using B16F1 melanoma cells, the impediment effect in melanin biosynthesis was witnessed as visible with the naked eye through 5mg/mL in the ethyl acetatef ractions of the Taraxacum platycarpum,and also through B16/F1cell dependent on the density.
Keywords : MTT assay, Melanoma cell, Taraxacum platycarpum, Tyrosinase inhibitory activity