Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 207-216.
The Effect of Foot Reflex-Massage on Cortisol response
Eun-Ja Kim, and Young-Eun Park
This study is who before acquired license come in for stress are intended for 14 people male and female before or after to foot reflex-massage in physiological change such as,body temperature, blood pressure, blood velocity and Cortisol response. The results of the survey for pretest-post test affirmative clause grade is up, unfaithful clause grade is down. Body temperature decreased 0.4℃ after foot reflex-massage, blood pressure reduced together an average in systole and diastole and found out very high significance. In blood velocity rise together found out very high significance too. It's differ individual pre-pro foot reflex-massage and blood Cortisol response found out significant. This test results found out that Blood Cortisol response changed from pre-test 16.21±15.14 to 1st-post test 8.26±6.07, 2nd-post test 7.72±5.61, 6th-post test 13.12±11.05. Blood Cortisol response decreased significantly(P<0.05).
Keywords : Foot reflex-massage, Blood pressure, Blood Velocity,