Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 385-395.
A Study on the Establishment of the Academic Sphere of Esthetology as a Discipline
Jae-Kee Hong
Although there has been a long history of skin care from ancient times, it's not until 1991 that it started to be systemized into practical studies named esthetology and to be taught in colleges. So the academic history of esthetology isn't yet over 20 years, and it's not easy for esthetology to be recognized as a separate learning due to such a relatively short academic history, and the fact that it is practical studies built on fundamental studies makes it difficult as well. However, there seems no problem with the development of esthetology in colleges as practical studies and discipline if the subjects and purpose of research on that are evidently differentiated from those of research on the other studies and if that has a unique system of knowledge. The purpose of this study was to examine the unique subjects and purpose of research on esthetology and to present three challenges for that. One is building the independence of esthetology as a separate learning through the segmentation of major courses, and another is the development of college courses(and text books) that reinterpret fundamental studies from a perspective of esthetology. The third is the improvement of the status of estheticians. The achievement of the three challenges is expected to make a contribution to creating the unique knowledge system of esthetology, and this study is meaningful in that it tried to justify the value of esthetology as one of separate and promising disciplines that deserve teaching in colleges.
Keywords : Esthetic. Esthetology, Practical study, Discipline, Esthetician