Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 147-155.
Skin Measurement Value by Facial Part in Elderly Female by Using Non-invasive Measurement Method
Kyoung-Soon Park, and Su-Kyung Kang
A human being comes to be reduced all the physiological functions in a human body according to a rise in age. Accordingly, the elderly come to be created intrinsic aging by a rise in age. According to this, reduction in elasticity, drop in sebum excretion rate, and fallin moisture content are accompanied. Accordingly, this study was attempted in order to examine characteristics in the elderly female's skin by measuring sebum․ moisture content, elasticity, and TEWL on the surface of skin by using the non-invasive measurement method targeting 110 elderly females who dwell in Gwangju Metropolitan City. As a result, the value in moisture, sebum, and elasticity by facial part in elderly female could be known to be higher in cheek part compared to the brow region. The value of TEWL was indicated to be high in the brow region, there by having been able to be known to be the more loss of moisture compared to the cheek region.
Keywords : Elderly female, Moisture, Sebum, Elasticity, TEWL