Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 87-100.
About interior design of Esthetique salon research -Color application strategy from interior design in center-
Youn-Hyung Cho
The research which sees, Esthetique salon the interior design in the customer about affects with the fact that analyzes the customer is made to feel about color and the perception effect and about the part which is sentimental comes to accompany is a research. When against, the customers are made to feel the case study and a color of the interior design which follows in the color by temperature feeling which each color has and heavy appearance and contest feeling generally and investigated the psychological effect and symbolic meaning. In order comes to be widely used most generally the application which leads the Munsell chromatic system which and the effective side which is psychological comes to derive consequently will be able to apply color image concepts actively in the center from in the color tool of the various branch, presented the example of color by color scheme and the union.
Keywords : The interior design, Color, The perception effect, The psychological effect, Color image