Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 137-145.
A Study on Use and a Purchasing Behavior of the Herb Cosmetics by an Age Group of the Women
In-Sook Seo, Ae-Kyung Kim, and Young-Eun Park
The purpose of the study is to provide information on the herb cosmetics with purchasers, to contribute toward counterplans on a diversity of consumers' demand in the cosmetic industry and development and to offer the preliminary data that helps build the marketing strategy. the general traits of the age group, the understanding and the purchasing behavior of the herb cosmetics, the customer satisfaction, improvements and problems are examined in this study. the conclusion of the study shows that the older, the more they use herbs cosmetics and they are intended to buy it constantly. The more The Expected Effect and the benefit of the herb cosmetis are increased, the more ages are increased. the satisfaction of cosmetics is the highest in a 40 ages' basket. the merit of the cosmetics is the confidence of the herb cosmetics' ingredient in 20-30 age basket and the cosmetics' fitness for skin in 40 ages' basket and over 50 ages' basket. the demerit of the cosmetics is the price of the herb cosmetics which is expensive, so the price optimization is required as the improvement the overall age groups. while the 20 ages' basket said that the item must be diversified and the color and the fragrance are must be improved, the 30 and 40 ages group said that the quality of the herb cosmetics must be made elegant.
Keywords : Ages Group, The Herb Cosmetics, Use and Purchasing Behavior, Satisfaction