Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 327-337.
The Actual Condition of Makeup and Attitude on Cleansing of Teenage Girls
Eun-Ju Lee, Mi-Hyun Yim, Hee-Youn Ku, Eun-Kyung Shin, Mi-Ja Ann, and Wan-Kyun Whang
This research has two ultimate goals which are; 1.To indicate the importance of cleansing after make-up is being underestimated by junior and senior high school students through conducting research in their uses of color make-up and cleansing products. 2. To offer essential ground-making information (data) for beauty care culture with introduction of proper way of cleansing’s necessity. 333 of junior and senior high school students were participated in this research and it was analyzed by SPSS. The research was sectioned into 4; inclination rate/manner of applying color make-up, manner of cleansing, way of gaining information for cleansing and manner of purchasing products. The result came out that the inclination rate toward color make-up is raising steadily for all that respondents are aware of the negative aspects the color make-up has and junior and senior high school students are starting to wear make-up at more and more early ages. Respondents were also positive about the importance of cleansing and necessity of beauty care culture. And senior high school students are better understanding how bad effects the color make-up causes on skin health and how it is critical to have a right cleansing manner relatively than junior high school students.
Keywords : Midlle School Girls, High School Girls, Makeup, Cleansing, Makeup harm