Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 315-326.
The Study of Application of Make-up According to Lip Shape In Korea Adult woman
Jeong-hee Kim, and Kyong-Hwa Yi
The purpose of this study was to offer standardized Lip shape of adult women for Application of Lip make-up. In this study, photographs of 497 Korean female's face in twenties were indirectly measured in Venus face 2D program. The measurements were analyzed by statistical methods. The results can be summarized as follows; Korean female's standard lip shape in twenties was suggested by the basic statistical data. Length of lips is 22.8 mm, length of upper lip is10.9 mm, length of lower lip is11.9, width of lips is 49.7 mm. In the calculation and proportion items to analyze the lip shape, drooping degree of lip is -4.7 mm and The rate of upper lip vs lower lip shows 93.5% We classified lip shape type into 4 different types. To observe types of lip shape, type 1 of lip is narrow and in-curve shape. Type 2 of lip is width, and large shape. Type 3 of lip shape is wide and out-curve shape. Type 4 of lip is thin and drooping shape. Type 5 of lip is thick of lips' shape. The results of lip type analysis indicates that Type 1 shows 16.5% position, Type 2 is 14.3%, Type 3 is 22.9%, Type 4 is 24.7%,Type 5 is 21.5%.
Keywords : Make-up, Application, Measurement, Standard type, Lip shape