Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 217-223.
An Analysis on Physicochemical Characteristics and Components of Seeds of Astragalus sinicus Linne
Du-Bok Choi, Kyoung-In Lee, Nam-Yeoun Kim, and Ran Kim
This study decided to examine Astragalus sinicus L as a material of the study based on the results of previous studies that reported it has high level of medicinal components and effects as an anti-oxidant. Therefore, it analysed physicochemical features of seeds of Astragalus sinicus L and its contents in order to identify possibility of developing new raw materials for functional cosmetics and food. In a general analysis of seeds of Astragalus sinicus L, it was demonstrated that it has 10.581% of moisture contents, 3.302% of crude ash, 33.232% of crude protein, and 4.410% of crude fat. A total of seven kinds of minerals were found, 435.26 ppm of Ca, 474.50 ppm of Na, and 8.08 ppm of Mn. A total of five kinds of free sugar contents were found, including 7,637.2 ppm of sucrose and1, 163.0 ppm of mannose. This study found a total of nine kinds of organic acid with succinicacid of 26,001.8 ppm, citric acid of 9,008.1 ppm, malonic acid of 8,768.4 ppm, and fumaric acid of 54.8 ppm. There were a total of 10 kinds of fatty acid, C16(palmiticacid) of 10,750 ppm, C18:2(linoleicacid) of 10,500 ppm, lowest contents of C8(caprylicacid) and C20:1(eicosenoicacid) in it.
Keywords : Seeds of Astragalus sinicusL, Astragalus sinicusL, Natural substance, Seeds of plants, Raw materials for cosmetics