Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 239-251.
Study on Development and Retentive Force of Hair Conditioner using a Earthworm Autolysate -Centering around the bleached hair-
Se-Eun You, and Sang-Mo Kang
We developed a product using the earthworm autolyzate, and studied the hair conditioning effect and the retentive force. We studied the morphological changes using SEM and the experiment on the basic physical properties to examine what effects the earthworm conditioner has on the hair after penetrating the damaged hair. All the skin safety tests by the earthworm autolyzate showed a negative result. The hair having used the conditioner which contains the earthworm autolyzate increased to the form similar to the normal hair in the thickness and weight, and was high in the retentive force. This shows that the effect and retentive force of the earthworm conditioner are effective. We could confirm that, immediately after treating the hair with the earthworm conditioner, the hair had the smooth surface, and that was made the scale arrangement to be maintained, and that the hair was affected. The earthworm conditioner increased the hair tensile strength to the form similar to the normal hair by increasing the strength and the coefficient of expansion which was decreased by the damage. Also, the retentive force also was high by a little difference. This shows that the tensile strength increased according as the earthworm conditioner filled the hair damaged by dyeing with the matrix, and surrounded the cuticle. When putting together the results like this, we could confirm that the earthworm autolyzate peptied had an excellent conditioning effect on the cuticle getting loose and desquamated by the damage, and that it increased the retentive force.
Keywords : Earthworm, Bleached hair, Cuticle, Earthworm autolysate