Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 225-238.
A Study on the comparson of skin effects by natural cosmetics and general cosmetics
Gi-Yeon Kim, Ae-Kyeong Kim, Sung-Soo Han, and Seung-Hwa Lee
The purpose of this study is to compare the efficacy of the natural cosmetic products that use active ingredients and minimize harmful ingredients to the skin to the general cosmetics, thereby proving their efficacy and need for commercialization. This will not only enhance people's awareness and renew their perspective on the natural cosmetic products. The experiment was conducted on 45 people in total over the period of eight weeks from September 1 to October 28, 2009 as follows: the natural products manufactured by Bellmona were applied on 15 people in Group A for four weeks; 15 people in Group B used the natural products for four weeks and then the general products for another four weeks; and 15 people in Group C used the general products for four weeks and then the natural products for another four weeks. MPA5580 (Courage& Khazaka Gmbh,Germany) was used to compare and analyze the changes in skin moisture, sebum, trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), melanin, and erythema indices. The findings revealed that the use of the natural cosmetic products led to the stable increase of skin moisture and sebum as well as the decrease in TEWL, melanin, and erythema compared to the use of the general cosmetic products, showing the statistical significance in the enhancement of the skin. The natural cosmetic products that minimize the use of the chemicals used in the general products such as synthetic surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, anti-microbial agents, stain, etc.,were found to lead to whitening (reduction of melanin index) as well as enhanced skin recovery and elasticity (increase in skin moisture and sebum, and decrease in TEWL) without causing any skin irritation (reduction in erythema index) by helping the absorbance of active ingredients.
Keywords : Natural cosmetic products, General cosmetic products, Chemical additives, Skin analysis, Skin enhancement