Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 269-279.
The Study Of The Modern Sporty Style And The Hair Style Trend Of Sports man
Na-jin Ahn, ju-sub Kim, and sun-nyu Shim
This study aims to contribute to analyzing hair trend as a part of new genres by arranging and studying hair style of male and female athletics in detail while searching sporty style applied in various areas. Although we had some limitation in studying since there has been few precedent studies in the field of sporty hair style, the study has been performed centered on primarily hair style of male and female athletics and by the analysis of various forms of clothing, makeup, accessories and etc. in everyday life has been done. This study was confined in the boundary of works which has the sporty characteristics when we make arrangement of lots of materials around the era of 21st centuries. As the result of this study, we found that the hair style of male athletics is simple and concise without inconvenience for physical playing sports while it has obvious symmetric structure pursuing for health and youth with feeling of straight line and thick angle whereas the hair style favored by female athletics is the one briefly sticking to head to stay away similarly from the inconvenience for playing sports, the ponytail style that decently hanging hairs from the top of head down along with braiding and reggae style as the style using hair band.
Keywords : Hair, Sporty, Active, Trend, Style