Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2009; 7(4): 351-366.
An Analysis on Expressive Aspects of Pastiche in Makeup of Contemporary Fashion
Hyang-Mi Son, and Kil-Soon Park
The purpose of the study was to make a frame of analysis to be applied to study on makeup which was a cultural phenomenon of the times and to analyze expressive aspects of pastiche in modern makeup, regarding a cultural phenomenon of contemporary society to be pastiche. The study described characteristics of pastiche with in-depth descriptive method of qualitative study through literary review to analyze expressive aspects of pastiche in modern makeup on the basis of collected data, and made a frame of analysis on the study. As the results, pastiche in makeup of contemporary collection, first, proposed a new makeup pattern by receiving one makeup pattern through all things with each other foreign dispositions and meanings. Second, it expanded expressive methods of makeup by expressing itself more diversely with plane and solid component technology because of characteristics of makeup gotten the skin done directly, which could be understood to be expansion of the makeup scope. Third, it made a foundation to covert the uniform traditional consciousness of beauty until now by accepting alienated aesthetic scopes to be a makeup pattern. Finally, diverse skin tones and makeup have been generalized and popularized since pastiche formed mass commercialization followed by development of products, goods and cosmetics making it possible to copy images.
Keywords : Makeup, Pastiche, Postmodernism, Contemporary fashion, Collection