Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 665-674.
A Study on the Skin Care Benefits and Program Selection According to the Values
Soo-yeon Oh, and Young-sun Rhee
The beauty industry is subdivided and specialized into areas such as skin beauty, hair beauty, makeup, and nail art. Among them, skin beauty has witnessed rapid development with the introduction of medical skin care. But compared with the overall expansion of the industry, the skin beauty area is finding it difficult to maximize revenue and satisfy the diverse needs of its customers. Therefore, this study was to examine the value the consumers hold and subsequently categorize them into consumer types. Furthermore, by analyzing the differences in purchasing behavior this study attempts to provide new implications regarding skin care marketing and suggest product development directions and marketing strategies which could be appropriate to the corresponding markets. For these purposes, the subjects in this study were women living in Busan, Ulsan, Kyung-Nam Province, and Daejeon; 250 people were from medical institutions that provide medical skin care and 300 were from general skin care specialist shops. The data from 506 respondents were analyzed, and frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, cluster analysis, and ANOVA of SPSS WIN 19.0 were used. The results were as follows. First, values consisted of relation-oriented and success-oriented and value type was distinguished into relation-oriented type, success-oriented type, and passive type. Second, there were significant differences by consumer types in the benefits. Third, laser in the area of medical skin care was used by all consumers. It is expected that this study can contribute what has not been proposed before; information that leads to direct development of marketing strategies for the skin beauty market.
Keywords : Values, Skin care benefits, Skin care program, General skin care, Medical skin care