Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 701-707.
Expressive Technique of Baby Face Make-up used in the Entertainer’s Make-up
Do-Youn Im
The purpose of this study is to analyze an expressive technique of the baby face make-up used as a trend in the field of entertainer’s make-up. The features of the baby face make-up shown in entertainer’s make-up are as the following. Base of skin was expressed transparent and clear by covering the blemish, and shape of face modified to be short and round shape like a children. Color make-up in a cheek or environs of eye was matched with hair color representation, and eyebrow was make straight and bold. Eyelines were to be filled thinly with pencil type liner between the eyelashes, and the curling of eyelashes made by an eyelash curler and mascara without a lump were also used. Eye shadow and cheek were expressed with pastel tone colors with pearl shining. Moreover, a pink or transparent lip gloss was frequently used for glossy feel lip make-up instead of lip line drawing.
Keywords : Baby face, Make-up, Trend, Expressive technique, Entertainer