Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 729-736.
A Study on Psychological Expectation Effect According to Pedicure Management Behavior of Female University Students
Hyo-jin Bang
We have studied what effects to the psychologically expected effect associated with pedicure against college girl students in Dae-Jeon and North Jeolla Province, The following results were obtained: The result of factor analysis of the pedicure management behavior and the psychologically expected effect is that the pedicure management behavior was a factor of ‘self-expression’. and the psychologically expected effect was a factor of ‘positive feeling’ as the most important evaluation factor. When comparing the recognition difference of the need for pedicure in pedicure management behavior and psychologically expected effect, it turns out that the people with ‘self-expression’ make a large difference in the need for pedicure, and the people with ‘positive feeling’ and ‘rising sense of accomplishment’ make the largest difference among them. When we performed a correlation analysis of each factor, the factor of ‘self-expression’ had a high correlation with the factor of ‘psychological relaxation’ and ‘rising sense of accomplishment’. However, the factor of ‘fashion-oriented’ showed slightly lower relevance to the factor of ‘positive feeling’ and ‘psychological relaxation’, and the factor of ‘consciousness of others’ also had a low relevance to the factor of ‘psychological relaxation’ and ‘rising sense of accomplishment’. The result of examining the effects of pedicure management behavior on the psychologically expected effect appeared that it has the greatest effect to ‘rising sense of accomplishment’ to work for people with high ‘self-expression’ as well as the people with ‘psychological relaxation’ and ‘positive feeling’. Also, it has a certain effect to ‘improved self-confidence’ and ‘psychological relaxation’ in social life for those who with ‘consciousness of others’ tendency. Lastly, it has the same to ‘psychological relaxation’ and ‘positive feeling’ for people with ‘fashion-oriented’ tendency.
Keywords : Female university student, Pedicure management behavior, Pedicure, Podocosmetics, Psychological expectation effect