Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 737-741.
Influence of the Scalp Improving Agent on Seborrheic or Dry Scalp
Ji-Min Lee, and Ju-Sub Kim
This research is intended to clarify influence of the produced scalp improving agent on seborrheic or dry scalp. For achieving this intention, there was implementation to measure the scalp condition, oil·moisture status. Effect as a product of the scalp improving agent was explored through improvement effect on clinical subjects was examined. As for research method, we spreaded the scalp improving shampoo and Q33 (mist for dry skin) on 5 subjects whose scalp were dry type. As for measurement tools, we did apply the Digital Scope, which allowed the examination to be conducted under magnification radiography of 300 times, into investigating improvement situation on scalp, and apply the COSMOMED (Germany), Sebumeter into measuring moisture variation rate on scalp. Taking a close look at the research result, there could be found to be significant reduction of oil, alleviation of dead skin cell, washing around pore. It could be regarded as evidences of "cleaning effect". As confirmed by the result, it proves that the produced scalp improving agent and mist for dry skin have improvement effect on scalp.
Keywords : Scalp, Sebum, Moisture, Seborrheic, Dry scalp