Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 753-759.
An Analysis of Facial Skin Conditions by Moisture and Sebum Levels Perceived by College Women
Mi-Kyung Lee, Yoo-Jung Yoo, and Hae-Jung Chon
Recently, there has been a strong demand for healthy skin and good looking. However, the incorrect perception of skin conditions can cause side effects at selection of cosmetics and during skin management. Therefore, this study has measured and analyzed skin conditions (sebum, moisture, pH, melanin and erythema) by the perceived sebum and moisture conditions on the face against college women. According to analysis on perceived sebum and skin conditions, there was difference between a group with more-than-average sebum contents and a group with a lack of sebum in terms of sebum levels. In the forehead and around the eyes, the sebum level was high in the group with more-than-average sebum contents. According to skin analysis by the perceived moisture level, melanin was significantly high in a group with more-than-average moisture in the chin only. In case of skin analysis values, no significant difference was found between the two groups in which moisture was perceived. Therefore, it’s been confirmed that there is no difference in skin conditions by the facial region. Even though the perception of sebum conditions was matched with sebum levels, the perception of moisture conditions was not matched with skin conditions. Therefore, it appears that it is necessary to select cosmetics and manage skin through scientific analysis instead of depending on the subjective perception of skin conditions.
Keywords : Perception, Skin conditions, Sebum and moisture conditions