Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 787-794.
The Effects of Centella Asiatica Extract and Micro Needle Therapy System on the Women’s Facial Skin
Su-bin Choi, and Hyun-sook Bae
The purpose of this study was to examine influence of Centella asiatica and MTS (microneedle therapy system) in the women’s facial skin. The subjects were divided into experimental group (n=14) and control group (n=14). The experimental group was applied Centella asiatica and MTS of on facial’s right and control group was offered hyaluroinic acid of on facial’s left. Experimental program was held for 30 minutes each time, once a week for eight weeks. Experiments were executed total 8 times of one experiment each week and skin measurement of study subjects were measured total 3 times of before experiment, at 4 week and at 8 week. Facial skin condition (moisture, sebum, roughness, pore, pigmentation, wrinkle, keratin) were analyzed during experiment. A significant increase of skin moisture was found in experimental group and control group (p<.0001). Also significant decrease of roughness (p<.0001), pore (p<.0001), keratin (p<.0001) was found in experimental group (p<.0001) and control group (p<.05). But significant decrease of wrinkle (p<.001), pigmentation (p<.0001), and T-zone sebum (p<.05) were found in experimental group. The satisfaction degree of skin conditions after experiments was higher in experiment group. These results indicate that MTS management is considered to bring the effects of the improvement of facial condition.
Keywords : MTS (Microneedle Therapy System), Centella asiatica , Women’s facial skin