Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 795-804.
Recognition of Beauty Service Executive about the Beauty shop Management Consulting in Jeollabukdo Province
Keum-Ok Mun
This study of executive management consulting services for cosmetic recognition (interest / utilization) identify and consulting industries and related institutions are intended to provide the basis. Survey on Current Status and consulting for Jeonju, Iksan, Gunsan, Kimje, Jeongeup the executive management of the beauty shop to 150 people were conducted September, 2011 3-2011 days until September 30, direct interviews fill his way through the survey was carried out statistical analysis using the SPSS WIN 18.0 program were analyzed. Beauty Jeolla study awareness of management consulting services managers (interest, utilization) showed a high, management consulting, many managers do not know about, and policy enforcement in the hope of being part of the government consulting business, dependence, respectively. Given the light of these results, Korea Health Industry Development Institute consulting small business consulting business and the active promotion of the business that require urgent management services Beauty Bar and causes the government the opportunity to participate in the management consulting business, you might as done successful business start-ups stabilization and to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness soon lead to job creation and employment quality is considered.
Keywords : Management Consulting, Beauty shop, Beauty service, Awareness