Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(4): 805-809.
Morphological Changes of Hair by Coating Permanent to utilize a Kaoliang Pigment
Ju-Sub Kim
The purpose of this research was to examine form variation of hair in the event that a natural coating permanent agent was spreaded during operating permanent wave, and to suggest basis data to develop a new coating permanent agent which was enhanced by a natural coloring matter. For achieving this purpose, form variation of hair was examined and analyzed after manufacturing the natural coating permanent agent according to kaoliang pigment's contents or PH respectively, and then spreading them on hair. The method was as follows; A hair dye manufactured according to kaoliang pigment contents, PH was spreaded on virgin hair so as to explore form variation of hair. And diverse measurements that focused on bleaching, surface, tension strength, thickness were implemented. The result was as follows; There could be found to be increase in tension strength and thickness, softening abrasive surface. It had led to the prevention function against hair damage during operating permanent wave. As seen from above, it might be deemed to have a potential as a natural material of coating permanent agent.
Keywords : Kaoliang, Hair, Permanent, Dying, Morphological