Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 9-17.
A Study on the Effect of Scalp Massage on the Reduction of Stress and Fatigue of Middle-Aged Female Special Education Teachers
Jeong-Mi Kim, Jae-Cheon Lee, and Eun-Joo Kim
This study aims to investigate the effect of scalp massage on the reduction in stress and fatigue of middleaged female special education teachers. For this purpose, 12 each out of middle-aged female special education teachers between 40 and 60 years old in two H special schools, Chungcheongbuk-do were placed in an experimental group and a control group. After explaining the purpose of the study, scalp massage was provided for the experimental group for 5 weeks twice a week from September 30th to October 31st 2013, The study results are as follows. First, the experimental group that received scalp massage, showed a positive change in the total stress and it was statistically significant at P<.05 (pre-test: M=68.83, post-test: M=87.83), but the posttest (M=74.16) value improved, but it wasn’t statistically significant in the control group. Second, fatigue of the subjects includes the degree of fatigue, seriousness, pain and frequency of fatigue, and it wasn’t statistically significant in the experimental group to receive scalp massage, but a positive change was found (pre-test: M=46.25, post-test: M=56.66). It wasn’t statistically significant, either in the control group. Third, according to the result of PPG analysis of the experimental group, the pre-test index was 53.34 averagely which means they were at the previous stage of chronic stress with a high health risk. But after the experiment, the average stress index was 45.15 which decreased by 8.19 before the experiment. The stress index of PPG rapidly rose, depending on the internal environment or temperature of the time when it was measured, but overall, it decreased more after receiving scalp massage than before receiving it. In conclusion, the experimental group that received scalp massage, showed a decrease in stress and a positive change in fatigue degree, compared to the control group.
Keywords : Special Education Teachers, Middle-aged women, Stresses, Fatigue, Scalp Massage