Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 65-73.
The Effect on Customer Satisfaction from Compensation for Inappropriate Service of Skin Care Shop -Focusing on the Mediated Effect of Human Services-
Seo-U Jong, and Sung-Nam Kim
The desire of beauty have been increased by bountiful life result from revolution of economy industry. For this reason, while in the past skin care was applicable to some people, nowadays every people have the chance to enjoy skin care, so esthetic industry has grown rapidly. promoted the growth of esthetic industry. Aiming at industrial, Skin care service has big market. In addition, there a re many kinds of customer having variety of taste. So, it is essential to provide good quality and various service. Because service has characteristic which is in tangible value, some mistake or failures bring about customer’s complain at the same time. Service provider’s failure factor is inappropriate service, and it cause a negative response. To conclude, this negative response interrupt service provi der’s relationship with customer, and it affect service quality. Service provider ca nnot get rid of all the problems, but they have to compensate our customers for our improper service. And they can handle complaint behaviors to satisfaction by effective ways. Apologies about improper service maintain good relations and en hance the customers satisfaction. We check meditation effect of human services which includes kindness, professionalism, sanitation and technology for understan ding importance about human service and efficient components about service ma rketing. We want to afford base line data for development in skin care industry.
Keywords : Inappropriate service, The human service, On customer Satisfaction from compensation, Effect, On the mediated effect