Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 105-112.
Effects of Mountain Climbing on Male Skin Aged over 40s
Yoo-Kyeong Namgoong, Na-Kyung Lee, and Su Young Kim
This sudy aims to examine an effect of mountain climbing on male skin aged over fourty. For the survey about skin care importance according to skin condition for males over forty engaged in hiking, this study conducted survey against hikers over the age of forty. Altogether 435 questionnaires were distributed but the total number of 408 was used for data analysis as 27 questionnaires had to be excluded due to nonresponse, overlap and unsuitable answers for analysis. Data collected for the research were analyzed with IBM SPSS 21.0 for the statistical analysis of research, and the following statistical analysis method was used. In order to understand the general characteristics, nature of the current skin condition, property of skin condition before hiking (in the past), attribute of skin condition during hiking, self-skin management form, and importance of skin care of the respondents who participated in the survey, frequency analysis was carried out. According to analysis, more than half of males engaged in survey had no experience for using sunscreen, self-skin management form and skin care. Outdoor activity without sunscreen damage to skin such as stinging, droughtiness, elasticity. As hiking becomes most preferred hobby for fitness to middleaged men over age of forty, this study provides awareness and necessity about information such as skin condition charicteristics before and after in hiking, including during a hiking for the skin health of males related in hiking.
Keywords : Middle-aged man, Skin, Mountain climbing, Skin care