Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 135-145.
A Study of Cognition on the Skin Beauty Shops’s Welfare Benefits System
Yu-Lim Cha, and Chun-Sung Youn
Korea’s beauty industry has been recognized as a future industry and high value-added industry in the global marketplace, and this policy and support for training in various fields continues since being named as the beauty industry. Even though Beauty industry is subdivide into hair care, skin care, make-up, nail care, and growing the skin care industry has still weak parts qualitatively Because the skin care has a high level of dependence on human according to the recent growth, the acquisition and training of talented people with a wide range of services and capabilities is important, and employment circumstances is improved. However, the improvement of great human resource management is not established systematically, and cognition of human resource management is nonexistent In this study, the cognition of welfare benefits of skin care industry workers is surveyed and research in which to do in future is suggested according to development of industry. This thesis is provided to analysis of current situation of poor working conditions in skin care industry, and cognition of welfare benefits in private business having two or more persons. Due to lack of knowledge about the welfare benefits, welfare benefits are not implemented in the field and the deviation of the cognition of the need is large, effects and awareness of the need is not high. The follow-up study is expected to seek various ways which can apply to situation of skin beauty shops and suggest several methods of the human resource management by welfare benefits system without considering the cost of the welfare benefits.
Keywords : Skin beauty shops, Welfare benefits, Cognition