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A Systematic Review of the Effects of Non-invasive Care on the Body
Tae-Oim Kim, Ki Han Kwon
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2023;21(2):335-346.   Published online June 29, 2023
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2022.0079
A Study of the Effects of Swedish Massage in a Multisensory Environment on the Health of Women in their 40s and 50s
Seongeun Oh
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2021;19(3):365-378.   Published online September 30, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2021.0185
                           Cited By 2
The Effect of Spa Massage on Subjective Satisfaction and Improvement in Quality of Life for Clients of Skin Care Salons
Moon-Joo Kim
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2020;18(1):107-117.   Published online March 27, 2020
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2020.0007
                           Cited By 1
Effects of Soybean Diet and Back Massage on the Neck Skin of Middle-Aged Women
Young-Eun Choi, Yun-Jung Kim
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2018;16(4):533-544.   Published online November 14, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2018.0247
                           Cited By 3
Effects of a Cosmetic Psychotherapy Program using an Integrated Approach with Counseling and Meridian Massage on Hwa-byung Relief for Middle-aged Women
Hae-ju Bang, In-hyuk Choi
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2018;16(1):52-61.   Published online February 13, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2017.0163
                           Cited By 2
Effects of Sorusangzi Massage on Stress, Fatigue, and Depression in Middle-aged Working Women
Ji On Park, Yun Hee Son, Eun-Hwa Ju
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2017;15(1):55-63.   Published online March 30, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2016.0101
The Effects of Meridian Massage on Stress and Brain Activation of Middle-aged Women
Byung Nam Park, Seong Gyun Hong
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1):58-64.   Published online March 30, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20402/ajbc.2016.0019
                           Cited By 2
Oriental Beauty Therapy and Ultrasound Treatment Effects on Pain Shoulder Relief
Kyeong-hee Park, Chong-wouk Back
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(6):779-787.
Effects of Legs Massage for Pregnant Women on the Lower Body Edema and Overweight
Young-Hee Choi, Young-Hee Pyo
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(6):751-760.
The Effect of Schizandra Chinensis Extract intake on In-Blood Lipid by Meridian massage
Jung-Hee Song, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(5):671-678.
The Effect on Woman’s Vertebra Slope and Flexibility of Back·Pelvis Thai Massage
InChul Hwang, HyeKyung Kim, YunSun Jang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(3):315-320.
Effect of Platycodon grandiflorum Extract Intake on Fatigue Reduction by Meridian Massage
Jung-Hee Song, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(1):75-83.
A Study on the Effect of Scalp Massage on the Reduction of Stress and Fatigue of Middle-Aged Female Special Education Teachers
Jeong-Mi Kim, Jae-Cheon Lee, Eun-Joo Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2015;13(1):9-17.
The Effects of Schizandra Chinensis Extract Intake on Oxidative Stress and Fatigue Reduction by Meridian Massage
Jung-Hee Song, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(6):995-1003.
Effects of Effleurage Technique of Massage on the Electroencephalogram
Im Sil Yoon, Hyun Ju Choi
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(6):899-905.
The Effects of Stress Relief by Back Massage Therapy in Female Telemarketers
Mi-Ja Shin, Eun-Kyung Sim, Deog-Hwan Moon
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(4):585-593.
The Effect of Cryotherapy and Massage on the Lower Body Size of Women in the 20s
Yeon-Hee Lee, Sung-Hee Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(4):463-469.
Antioxidant Activity and Oxidative Stress of Onion Extracts with Meridian Massage Therapy
Hye-Yeon Lee, Hye-Youn Yeo, Ji-Yeon Lee, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):191-202.
Vinegar Diet Effects on the Fatigue Release after Full Body Meridian Massage
Hye-Yeon Yeo, Hye-Youn Lee, Ji-Yeon Lee, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):177-189.
Asian Massage Technique
Jihyun Kim, Aryeong Cho, Seungbin Kwon
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(1):9-15.
The Efficiency Measurements of Abdominal Obesity Management Through the Massage with Caffeine and the Subjective Evaluation After Massage
Jae-Seon Jeong, Eun-Sil Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1117-1127.
The Effects of Manual Lymph Drainage and Swedish Abdominal Massage on Autonomic Nervous System and Constipation in University Student with Psychological Stress and Constipation
Sung-Joong Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):1009-1014.
A Study on Satisfaction and Fatigue After Massage in Adult Female
Ji-Yeon Lee, Hye-Youn Lee, Hye-Yeon Yeo, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):927-935.
The Effect of Abdominal Massage with Aroma Oils on Constipation in Elderly Stroke Patients
Yu-Gon Kim, Hyun-sook Bae
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):883-890.
Effects of Meridian Growth Massage on Body Composition, Physiological and Psychological Variables of School-age Children
Jeong-Ah Bae, Chun-Sung Youn
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(4):655-663.
Effects of Foot Massage at the Abdominal Area Reflex Point on the Electroencephalogram
Im Sil Yoon, Hyun Ju Choi
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(3):495-503.
The Effect of Mulberry Leaf Powder Consumption on the Body Composition and Blood Lipid Levels in Middle Aged Over Weight Women
Youn-Soo Woo, Min-Jeong Kim, Eun-Shim Son, Ae-Jung Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(3):473-478.
Effects of Geunhyeol Therapy Based on Meridian Massage
Kyung-Hi Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2012;10(4):809-815.
The Effect of Skeletal Muscle Therapy on Facial Size Changes for 20s and 30s Men
Kyung Ja Kwon, Soo-Yeon Kim, In-Sook An
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2012;10(4):803-808.
The Effect of Sports Massage on Physiological Indices in Old Women
Shin-Jung Yun, Seung-Hyen Pack
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2012;10(4):791-795.
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