Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 1-8.
Bibliometric Analysis on the Artistic Features of the Nail Beauty and Research Trends
Eun-Young Kim, Jin-Suk Kim, and Chun-Sung Youn
This study was analyzed research trends of nail beauty from bibliometric, published in the country and contained in Master’s, doctoral thesis related to the field of nail beauty. And the word was used in Collected papers KrKwic program to determine the frequency of the extracted. This makes status by year, the number of published papers signed by school word shown in the relationship between the artistic features and using the KrTitle program to find out Frequency Analysis was performed. This number of papers published per year, the number of school-based study, it can be seen that flow of the artistic features of nail beauty. To visualize the data from this analysis phase, expressed through a network map. Research papers related to Nail beauty while continuing until 2004, started to increase since 1986. it can be seen that increased sharply to 27 papers in 2010. Nail beauty is the art industry that provides goods and services to consumers. Nail beauty is a strong artistic side than on the practical. In this way the consumer is seeking a consumption experience of emotional or sensual side, rather than practical, rational consumption. Thus, nail beauty art feature acts positively to society and think they can predict the development of the industry and academic research.
Keywords : Bibliomeric Analysis, Nail Beauty, Artistic Feature