Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 123-133.
The Influence on Self-esteem for Skin & Health Care Behavior According to the Lifestyle of New Sliver Generation
Seon Min Park
This study classified lifestyle of the new silver generation and analysis of the difference silver skin & health care behavior accordingly. Also analyzed the correlation of the impact of skin & health care behaviors on the self-esteem due to the lifestyle. This study was analyzed to collect data for 489, aged over 55’s male and female in Daegu. First, there were divided into health & leisure-oriented group, challenges & substanceoriented group, and family & substance-oriented group through the lifestyle category. Younger ages were a challenge-oriented tendencies (p<.01). Second, family and substance-oriented group in the population by comparison of the appearance interest was the lowest score (p<.001). Third, there was a need for the development of fine-grained considering the skin condition for the age. Fourth, it showed higher benefits sought foot fatigue, etc., using skin care salons and obesity special care, on challenges & substanceoriented group and health & leisure-oriented group (p<.001). Fifth, challenges & substance-oriented group had the highest positive self-esteem. Finally, skin & health care behavior appeared to affect positive selfesteem on the health & leisure-oriented group and family & substance-oriented group(p<.001, p<.01).
Keywords : Skin&health care Behavior, Self-esteem, Health&leisure-oriented group, Challenges&substance-oriented group, Family&substance-oriented group