Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(2): 157-165.
A Study of The Related Features of Esthetician’s Reeducation According to Vocational Values
Mi-Ae Cho, and Eun-Kyung Sim
The purpose of this study is to figure out the related features of Esthetician’s re-education according to vocational values. To achieve this purpose, a survey was carried out on 350 beauticians in skin beauty job. Questionnaires of 303 copies were collected. The results of this study are summarized as follows. First, in questions for vocational value which asks of recognizing yourself as blue collar worker or professional value sales man. Many respondents answer that they are professional value sales man, those who are 30’s aged, college graduates, high work experienced, high position, high income and who have plan for future. People who response they are blue collar workers answer that all education is only for necessary practical training. In differences by demand re-education following by vocational value, 224 persons(73.9%) who response they are professional value sales man that they highly demand of re-education even they have a will to endure over-loaded work, pay for education fee, actively involve to reeducation, encourage re-education to colleges, and help to colleges who is in reeducation. In addition people who response they are professional value sales man highly satisfied. Therefore beautician is to be recognized professional value sales man by reeducation. Therefore, profession of Esthetician’s, simply is not a technician to sell beauty technology, and the opportunity of re-education know there is a need to transform the framework of recognition of occupational values as an expert in the value of the service would say. In other words, because it gives the needs original satisfaction significant impact of re-training on the basis of occupation values of Esthetician’s, technology that re-education is seems necessary, theory, etiquette, and programs such as customer service, management developed a program that places priority to the formation of values of the self-profession, it is thought that it is necessary to study.
Keywords : Esthetician’s reeducation, The need for reeducation, Reeducation of satisfaction, Occupation values of Esthetician’s