Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(2): 189-194.
Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity and Melanin Production Inhibitory Activity of Extract of Thuja orientalic
Jeong-Hee Mo, and Su-Jeong Oh
This study was to investigate the extract of Thuja orientalic on tyrosinase activity and melanogenesis. As a result of measuring its tyrosinase inhibitory activity in vitro, it exhibited good inhibitory rates depending on concentration. Thuja orientalic extract is in a concentration of up to 50 ㎍/mL do not show toxicity was determined 50 ㎍/mL in an appropriate concentration. In addition we tested tyrosinase inhibition activity and melanin contents on SK-MEL-2 melanoma. SK-Mel-2 melanoma cell was treated by such sample as 5, 10, 20 and 50 μg/ml for 48 hr and tyrosinase inhibition was tested. Tyrosinase activity of dose dependant and about 55.9% at concentration of 50 ㎍/mL. Thuja orientalic extract reduced melanin contents of SK-MEL-2 melanoma cells in adose dependant manner and decreased to about 65% at acocentration of 50 ㎍ /mL. Thuja orientalic extract was also found to control tyrosinase inhibition and melanin biosynthesis more successfully than α-MSH (100 nM). There results suggest that extract of Thuja orientalic may be suitable for development as a natural whitening cosmeceutical.
Keywords : Thuja orientalic, SK-MEL-2, Whitening, Tyrosinase, Melanin