Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(2): 195-201.
Association between Job Stress and Health State in Estheticians
InChul Hwang, and YunSun Jang
This study aimed to provide basic information to help estheticians fulfill their duties after analyzing their stress levels and status of health and assist them in finding ways to manage fatigue and stress. To determine stress and health, a structured questionnaire comprised of a total of 92 questions (59: stress factors, 33: health conditions) was used. The questionnaire survey was conducted among a total of 80 estheticians from 45 beauty care establishments in Busan. The survey found the following: Estheticians are most stressed by inappropriate treatment, conflict in their role and lack of expertise and skills. This shows that they are often exposed to stressful situations at work. Therefore, it is necessary to develop plans to ease their stress and improve work environment. Further studies are also needed regarding ways estheticians can manage stress levels.
Keywords : Stress, Health, Esthetician