Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(2): 243-249.
Effects of Spirulina Platensis Extract, the Act of which are Antiinflammation, Anti-aging, As well as Suppressing Melanin Synthesis
Hye-Jin Jang, and Eun-Young Choi
This research is intended to clarify the physiological functions of Spirulina platensis so as to check a possibility whether to employ it or not as an ingredient of cosmetics which requires effects of antiinflammation, anti-aging, and suppressing melanin synthesis. Taking into account Spirulina platensis, it is reported that a large volume of phenoic acid, tocopherols, β-carotene which especially plays an antioxidant role are contained, as well as vitamin B12. In connection with anti-inflammation act of Spirulina platensis, it is confirmed that the act is not followed by being poison to RAW 264.7 cell. In connection with the amount of NO production which is deemed as an inducer of inflammation, it is revealed that not less than 35% of the production is reduced at the 25 ㎍/ml concentration of Spirulina platensis, the ratio of which is compared to that of the LPS treatment group. In connection with whitening physiological function, it is proven that B16F10 melanoma is not followed by being poison to cells, moreover it is found that the melanin production is decreased depending on the concentration of Spirulina platensis. Additionally, it is found that tyrosinase is suppressed in accordance with the concentration in ways of treating α-MSH by each concentration and analyzing westen blotting. With respect to anti-aging effect, there is poison to HDF cell to be found. And with respect to MMP-1 occurrence, there is also decrease to be found which is compared to the group where UVB only is checked. As a result, it is predicted there is a possibility of employing it as a whitening cosmetic ingredient which needs an effect of suppressing melanin synthesis as the Spirulina platensis extract can suppress various inflammation-related mechanisms. Furthermore, it is thought there is an ingredient worthy for anti-aging cosmetics that will really work.
Keywords : Spirulina platensis, Anti-inflammation, Anti-aging, Melanin synthesis, B16F10 melanoma cell