Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(6): 729-734.
Synergetic Effects of Sericin and Alpha-Mangostin on Anti-wrinkle Effects
Ki Bbeum Kim, Aryoung Jo, Hwa Jun Cha, Shang Hun Shin, Jeong-Ju Lee, Hyun Kyung Lee, and In-Sook An
Skin aging is induced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as a senescence, UV, IR, oxidative stress, etc.. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors induced decrease of collagen expression and increase of MMP1 expression by these factors. Especially, decrease of collagen induces skin aging and formation of wrinkles. Sericin, major ingredient protein of silk synthesized by silk worm, induce increase of collagen and decrease of MMP1 and used collagen substitute in cell culture. In addition, alpha-mangostin is one of major ingredients in mangostin. In our study, we investigated whether alpha-mangostin induced synergetic effects with sericin on collagen type 1a1 expression and anti-wrinkle effects. In vitro study, sericin only induced collagen type 1a1 expression in human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs). However, cotreatment with alpha-mangostin reinforced increase of collagen type 1a1 expression in sericin-treated HDFs. In addition, to evaluate efficacy on aging skin phenomena, clinical efficacy trials were conducted using Antera 3D. Improvement of wrinkle was assessed using ANTERA 3D. Results of clinical efficacy shown that sericin and alpha-mangostin contained mask decreased wrinkle depth of crow´s-feet in using time dependent manner. Overall, sericin and alphamangostin synergistically improves ECM structure using increase of collagen expression. These results suggest combination with sericin and alpha-mangostin as a new, effective anti-aging cosmetic ingredient.
Keywords : Sericin, alpha-mangostin, Collagen, Normal human dermal fibroblasts, Wrinkle