Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2013; 11(6): 1083-1090.
The Effect of Essential Oils from Tea-tree and Palmarosa on the Acne Skin
SunHee Kim, SunYoung Lee, and Shunhua Li
The purpose of this study was to determine possible efficacy of tea tree oil and Palmarosa essential oil in acne skin of total 21 subjects (male and female) who have progressive acne. Those 21 subjects were respectively subdivided into 3 groups: Tea tree group (T Group; 7 subjects), Palmarosa group (P Group; 7 subjects) and TP Group (using a blend of tea tree oil and Palmarosa oil; 7 subjects). And skin essence and lotion were prepared on the basis of tea tree and Palmarosa respectively, so each group was asked to apply them on facial region in the morning and evening during 8 weeks. Then, all of our subjects were asked to take total 4 sessions of acne care (once every two weeks). Before and after experiment, the researcher measured their facial moisture, oil, microorganism count variation, remarkable change of skin pores, and acne grade change, so all valid measurement data could be analyzed. As a result, All 3 groups (T, P and TP) showed significant lower skin oil and remarkable pores and acne grade according to the standard of Korean Acne Grading System (KAGS) after experiment on statistical basis (p<.05), and a combination of tea tree oil and Palmarosa oil was more effective in acne care than use of tea tree oil alone. All 3 groups (T, P and TP) showed significant lower count of microorganisms on skin surface after experiment than before on statistical basis (p<.05), no significant difference between the groups. However, it would be necessary to conduct follow-up further studies on possible efficacy of said oils in skin moisture with regard to seasonal parameters, because experimental treatment period of this study ranged from summer to fall. Summing up, it is concluded that tea tree oil and Palmarosa essential oil are both effective in relieving and improving acne skin, and a blend of these two oils is more effective, so it is expected that such a blend will be possibly developed as cosmetics for acne care.
Keywords : Acne skin, Tea-tree, Palmarosa, Essential oil